Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any parking?

There is parking directly outside for long stay and on the other side of the road is parking for short stay.

Do you have a children's menu?

We don't have a children's menu but we can do smaller portions.

Do you cater for gluten free?

Yes, we definitely do, in fact you have every item on our menu except our flour burrito, we have a corn burrito for you instead, equally delicious.

Do you use eggs in any of your dishes?

Nope, only the mayonnaise, but we have a vegan mayonnaise for you.

What can I have if I'm dairy free?

Everything, just not the sour cream.

Can we reheat the food if we needed to?

Yes, in the oven until it's piping hot, but please remove the foil from the burritos if you put it in the microwave. you might have fireworks.

Do we need to book a table?

No, unless you require extra space for a wheelchair/pushchair.

Do we need to tell you if we have a food allergy?

Yes please, although we always take care, we want to be absolutely sure that we can feed you safely. Please don't assume that we will remember your future orders.

Why are you only doing takeaway/deliveries at the moment?

We want to ensure that we are confident that we can serve everyone safely during these unprecedented times.

When will you open for eat in?

We are now open to dine in. Come and see us or book a table.